Virtualization Security Architecture, Design, and Testing

Voodoo Security offers a number of consulting services related to virtualization architecture design and security review. With VMware vExperts on staff, and a wealth of experience in designing, securing, and assessing virtualization infrastructure including platforms and software from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, Voodoo can help you both design and secure the most secure, resilient virtualization environment possible.

Voodoo Security has been involved in the cloud computing and virtualization security arenas for several years. From helping to author the first Center for Internet Security benchmark on VMware and virtualization security, to participating in the PCI Council’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on virtualization security, Voodoo Security has deep knowledge in this area. Recent projects include design of a virtual DMZ infrastructure, design and implementation of a virtualization audit program, and virtualization-specific penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Voodoo Security’s CEO, Dave Shackleford, also authored a definitive book on Virtualization Security published by Sybex.

In addition, Voodoo Security consultants are the authors and maintainers of the SANS Institute course Security 579: Virtualization and Software-Defined Security, a 5-day course on virtualization and software-defined networking that includes content on automation and orchestration, as well!

For more resources on Voodoo Security’s involvement in the virtualization and cloud computing area, please consult our Resources page.